You Have Passed the Preliminary Pre-Screening Criteria!

There are four final steps before you may proceed with the next steps of trial participation.

STEP 1: Review the Privacy Policy

The website you are using is administered by Novartis, a pharmaceutical company or “sponsor”, in order to evaluate whether you are eligible for enrollment in this clinical trial. The sponsor will not have access to your name, telephone number or email address.

If you complete the questionnaire and submit your contact information, the sponsor of the clinical trial and its contracted third parties will use the data solely for tracking your candidacy for enrollment in the trial.

Yes, I have read, understood and accept the Privacy Policy and I authorize the sponsor of the clinical trial and its contracted third parties to process my personal and health information as applicable.

No, I do not want to share my personal and health information. (You will not be contacted to participate in the trial.)

STEP 2: Trial Sites

Based on your zip/postal code, these are the closest trial sites to you. Please select one:
Are you willing to visit the trial site every 4 weeks for the first half of the year and then 8 weeks the second half of the year for approximately 13 visits? (All reasonable travel-related costs are reimbursed)



STEP 3: Enter your contact information:

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